Armstrong & Son Vintage Emporium Review

Armstrong & Son Vintage Emporium Review

Last weekend my love and I journeyed up to Edinburgh for a little pre-Christmas holiday. An absolute priority on the itinerary was spending some solid time browsing the rails of Armstrong & Son’s Vintage Shop. Having visited the shop for the first time last year, the excitement to return to this eclectic vintage heaven was beyond my partner’s expectations.
The shop itself consists of 3 separate rooms, stacked floor to ceiling with everything from vintage Scottish tweed, to decadent costumes of the past hung for decoration. I documented all the highlights over two separate trips (necessary for the sheer quantity of gems they somehow manage to fit in one shop!) so let’s have take a peak at some of these gorgeous garments…
 We’re starting of with a creamy cluster of some great, elevated basics. On the left is a green label Laura Ashley corduroy skirt, featuring a very elegant 50’s style ‘wallpaper’ print as I often refer to it. Tagged at £15, I simply couldn’t refuse to take this one home with me!
The dress in the middle was what I considered to be a great everyday option when you’re after a put together look but you’ve not the energy. Although missing it’s original belt, all this two toned frock would require is a simple complimentary accessory to make it an outfit ready in a jiffy. Knocked down to £18, you can’t complain.
On the right we’ve got ourselves a simple white shirt that’s all in the details. The satin finish of the shirt, highlighted within the dainty rose print that reflects the light beautifully, really makes this piece feel ever more luxurious than the price tag at £12 (before I added it to my bag!).
Moving onto some darker alternatives, we’ve got an incredible selection of vintage gothic attire. Pictured left is a 70’s/80’s era prairie dress, decorated with a beautiful contrasting lace trim. I think that this piece would look incredible with some heavy gold jewels and maybe a ballet flat to balance it out. I didn’t manage to get the price of this piece, but I believe it was within the £30-£45 region.
In the middle is a vintage Laura Ashley classic that I struggled to photograph flatteringly on the hanger, but this piece features a delightful scalloped neckline with side button detailing. Another corduroy piece, this dress would be absolutely perfect for this time of the year! Retailed at £30, I’d consider it quite the bargain for a vintage Laura Ashley that would be at least double in price online.
Given the shops high ceiling storage for their priceless ‘not for sale’ pieces, the piece on the right surprised me to be housed amongst the front door rails. This antique velvet cape was a true luxury to see and feel at easy grasp, given it’s overall regal feel. This pre-wartime garment, featuring textured detailing and covered loop buttons, was tagged with a £300 cost to suit the history and craftsmanship behind this other-worldly piece. You’d be more likely to find this in a museum than a shop!
 These last three pieces I’ve documented from my time in the shop are some of my favourites from the whole experience. Starting with a real festive treat on the left, we’ve got a velvet and tartan combo from Marion Donaldson. This dress just screams Christmas, and I hope to think someone will be feeling very special in it on Christmas Day!
Centred is one of the first pieces that caught my eye on this whole visit: an elegant (almost Bridgerton like) 60’s empire line gown. Featuring sweet little covered buttons that trailed down to a dainty matching ribbon, this piece was an absolute delight to take in first hand. For a mere £30, I think this would make an impeccable alternative wedding dress!
Lastly, a dress that took my immediate attention due to it’s voluptuous sleeves, reminiscent of my beloved Anna Dress. This 1900’s style corduroy gown featured so much detail within the lace trim and decorated neckline, some true art was made here! Closing in at £90, this true one-of-a-kind dress would be a perfect piece for anyone wanting to build a vintage collection.
 Last but certainly not least, I wanted to shine a spotlight on this absolutely incredible jumper that I almost left without noticing! Having focused so much on the dress and skirt section as I naturally would, I thought I should at least have a further look at the corners I normally walk straight past.
Browsing the knitwear section led me to this adorable repeat cherry knit jumper, which I have to say I'm beyond excited to wear. I'd been eyeing up the Shrimps Queenie Vest in a similar style, but for around £100 in price difference I couldn't refuse this beaut alternative!
That concludes my Armstrong's Vintage review. I'm so happy I got to experience all these rarities first hand, and I'll be sure to do the same next time I'm in Edinburgh!
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